On the End of Democracy in America


In honor of Bloomberg’s Soda Ban, which goes in effect tomorrow, Tuesday, March 12th, here’s a great piece from Marion Nestle (Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at NYU; prolific writer and brilliant advocate for the food movement; the Michael Pollan of the East Coast) from today’s New York Daily News.

Notable quote:

“Soda companies may make things you like to drink, but they are not social service agencies. Their job is to get you to buy more soda to satisfy the financial demands of investors. They are about business. They are not about fun or happiness or personal choice – and they certainly are not about health. The soda industry may profess to care more about your well-being these days, but it ultimately will not do anything to promote health if doing so harms sales.”

The quote stuck out to me because over the last week I have had a ton of conversations about accountability and our national health crisis. To sum up the debate in a tangled trifecta of positions: Is it up to the consumer to make better choices for themselves and their families, is it up to the industry to self-regulate and limit the amount of sugar, fat, salt, chemicals and processing techniques involved in their products, or is up to the government to direct consumer choices and police food companies?

Since the question isn’t about to get answered in the next 48 hours, I hope you will forgive me for leaving you hanging, but I’d like to put together something a little more substantial before jumping into the fray. In the interim, take a look at Nestle’s article and feel free to post your two cents!


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